SimSky’s characteristics:

  • Primary controls: yoke and rudder panels
  • Six levers for throttle, mixture and propeller
  • Six flight instrument panels for the primary instruments
  • Autopilot panel with flap and trim controls
  • Four communication and navigation panels
  • Lights panel with gear and cowl flaps control
  • Annunciation panel
  • Customizable middle display for engine instruments, secondary navigation instruments, further annunciations, etc.

Note for pilots: Our flight simulator is not certified for official training which means you as a pilot or a trainee cannot log the times you fly on it. However it gives you the perfect opportunity to stay fit and get better. Practicing your flying independent of the weather and aircraft availability will make you and keep you a good pilot. And you can always create a virtual logbook with #PilotELogbook and lot the hours there.