Pilot Training

Gain experience and knowledge faster and at a favorable price

If you are currently training for a license or rating or just want to gain more experience in flying, you can train and exchange with other pilots in SimSky at favorable conditions. You can discuss theory, plan flights and fly in the simulator.

Very suitable for:

  • Beginners in PPL training.
  • CPL students.
  • Highly recommendable IR pilots and students, who can fly different approaches (precision and non-precision) in the simulator.

Radio communication with ATC can also be practiced – good for pilots flying mainly on small uncontrolled airfields and want to feel more relaxed e.g. in Zurich or Bern.

The sessions take place at a prearranged time, with appointment possibilities every week day including weekends and evenings.

The conversation can be held in German or English.

Also suitable for enthusiasts who still don’t have any license and are not training for one – with use you can try flying yourself and experience first hand if piloting is for you. You get information from an EASA certified pilot about the requirements expected from a pilot, get to know aerodynamics, technics, navigation, communication and legislation and take the yoke in your hands. You go from a Cessna to a twin and then to a jet, learn the differences and fly visually and on instruments.

The duration of the training is agreed upon individually and can be changed any time if desired. Quantity discounts are always available.

Offered services

  • Discussion and support in flight theory (aerodynamics, technics, navigation, communication, legislation).
  • Briefing (what and how is done, choice of aircraft and airfield, charts and maps).
  • Simulator flights in different types of aircraft, e.g. Cessna 172 (single engine), King Air 350 (twin), Bombardier CRJ 700, Airbus A320 (jets).
  • Debriefing (flight analysis, strong points, possibilities for improvement).
  • Review of possibilities for real flights and further training including in the simulator and in actual flight schools (not affiliated to us, just information).

Further information and prices

  • Current prices and special offers available on simsky.ch.
  • Booking possible over the phone, via email or on fly now.

Train flying with us!