For Pilots

In SimSky you can fly at any time and in any weather, practice what you already know and experiment with techniques you still don’t master.

If you are new to flying and preparing for your private license:

  • Practice stable VFR flights
  • Lean additional practical and theoretical information
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills from a qualified pilot beside your flight instructor

If you already have your private license and want to practice more:

  • Fly in worse weather than you would go in real life
  • Practicing radio navigation
  • Practice voice communication for big airports
  • Experience first IFR flights
  • Build knowledge that will be useful in your real flights

You are training for your IR rating:

  • Improve your situation awareness and tracking
  • Practice IFR voice communication
  • Fly approaches and missed approach procedures in different weather situations
  • Experience flying with failed instruments and systems
  • Practice engine failure drills and OEI (one engine inoperative) operations in any phase of the flight (for multi-engine aircraft)

And of course we can create a customized program adapted to your level and needs or support you in building one by yourself for our “simulator only” (no trainers guidance) hours.