For Enthusiasts

Join us and learn a lot about aviation from a real pilot. Get your first flying experience or immerse in more sophisticated flights, find your way navigating visually with a map or following navigation beacons and GPS.

In SimSky you can:

  • Fly a small single engine airplane or get on board with the pros on a jet airliner
  • Fly in clear skies or cover the windshield with clouds to learn to understand all those instruments
  • Experience how traffic controllers and pilots communicate and what they actually say

Get closer to aviation with us:

  • We make your flying journey enjoyable and fun with a very safe start and landing
  • We can customize a program for you, adapted to your level, wishes and needs
  • We can support you in organizing one by yourself in our “simulator only” (no trainers guidance) hours
  • We can even help you prepare for your PPL certification if you decide to get one soon

And who knows, maybe you will get so excited that you will be the next in line to get your license and take off for the real sky!