First Flight Session

A lot of people dream of piloting a plane. But do you have it in you?

In this first session you learn about the requirements posed on a pilot, get to know first details about aerodynamics, technics, navigation, communication and legislation and then take the yoke in your hands to take off for a first virtual flight. If you feel comfortable in the small Cessna, you move to a twin and even to a jet and practice flying visually and on instruments. The time on the controls is at least 60 minutes, with the briefing and debriefing after the flight not being a part of this time.

During the whole session you are accompanied by an EASA certified pilot, who can answer your questions and explain you everything around the aviation. The conversation can be held in German or English.

The session takes place at a prearranged time, with appointment possibilities every week day including weekends and evenings.

This session is also suitable for children of 7-8 years and older as well as for teenagers looking for their dream job. The session can be prolonged on-site if the simulator is available (at an additional cost) or can be reorganized in a course of multiple sessions.

Included services

  • A short introduction in flight theory (aerodynamics, technics, navigation, communication, legislation).
  • Briefing (what and how is done, choice of aircraft and airfield, charts and maps).
  • Simulator flights in different types of aircraft, e.g. Cessna 172 (single engine), King Air 350 (twin), Bombardier CRJ 700, Airbus A320 (jets). Minimal duration 60 minutes.
  • Debriefing (how was the flight, how did you experience the session, further inputs).
  • Review of possibilities for real flights and further training including in the simulator and in actual flight schools (not affiliated to us, just information).
  • A certificate for completed first flight.

Further information and prices

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  • Booking possible over the phone, via email or on fly now.

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