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About Us

Flying is fascinating! And it is still a dream for a lot of people! With SimSky you can stop dreaming and start flying!
Come and experience SimSky! We are happy to be part of your flying journey!

SimSky is not just a simulator. It’s a platform for learning more about aviation, its rules, aerodynamics, airplane performance, navigation and so much more. You learn about those topics from our trainers and then experience them in practice on the flight simulator.

SimSky can simulate different aircraft and flights in various environments. It is applicable to both passionate aviation fans and pilots as well as for everybody who wants to experience real flying procedures in the cockpit.

With SimSky you can always enjoy a safe start and landing. During your flight you can freely discuss any issues or questions with a qualified pilot next to you.

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  • SimSky

    the platform to learn, discuss and experience flying

  • ready for take-off

    try flying in a safe and calm environment

  • cruise

    experience more about flying and navigation

  • Final approach

    stay fit, get better, feel confident with the flying procedures

Features and more

about the characteristics, the airplanes, the flight rules and our trainers
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Our focus

Here in SimSky we welcome everyone: from a novice wanting to know what flying is about to experienced and licensed pilots. Although the simulator is the same, our pilots will adjust the level of discussion and tutoring to you so that you can profit from it to the highest degree. Our goal is that you leave SimSky after having a great time, with a smile on your face and more knowledgeable.
For Enthusiasts:
stop dreaming, start flying

Are you a big fan of flying? Have you ever wondered what pilots do in the cockpit (and outside of it)? Have you considered flying yourself, for leisure or professionally?

For Pilots:
stay fit, get better

If you are a pilot, even with a lot of experience, you need to stay fit, practice your skills, go beyond your limits to get better. In our flight simulator you can do all that for a fraction of the cost of a real airplane.

In Case of Fear of Flying:
get to know it, be more relaxed

Flying is natural for birds so they don’t even hesitate to go for the skies. But it’s not natural for people and it’s normal that we are afraid. However statistically seen flying is very safe. Learn why.


SimSky is suitable for pilots and pilots to be as well as for aviation fans. Flying with a trainer next to you gives you the chance to learn more, to practice procedures and discuss everything about aviation. As a pilot, SimSky can help you improve your skills and experiment flying in different condition at a reasonable price. Note that flying without guidance is only available after you have completed at least one hour with a trainer in the last month and have his approval.


with training pilot

Fr. 169.-/h

  • first steps in flying
  • take off, fly and
    land yourself
  • airplane controls
  • understand how planes fly
  • ATC & navigation

Simulator only

no trainers guidance

Fr. 99.-/h

  • VFR or IFR flights
  • SID, STAR and
  • radio navigation
  • engine failure drills
  • challenging weather


for a friend or a child

Fr. from 69.-

  • be original
  • inspire about aviation and
    the pilot profession
  • give the joy
    of piloting
  • let a dream
    come true


special rates for references

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  • special loyalty
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